Making The Step Into Electric Guitar

The common consensus is that it's far better to start out learning guitar on acoustic which are typically cheaper to buy and more basic to learn on since they allow you to concentrate very much on the fundamentals without becoming distracted by any fancy guitar effects.

Also you do not know yet if you will stick with it and therefore it's better not to spend too much money in the beginning until you are sure you will be continuing it for the years to come. Acoustic guitarists are normally more expensive than electric guitars since with an electric you also have to buy an amplifier, guitar lead and other effect pedals in order to get things like distortion, reverb and chorus.

It's Best To Learn Acoustic Guitar First

While this stuff may be fine you should save for later when you have first mastered the fundamentals of changing through chords, simple song progressions, strumming, tuning up, reading tablature and keeping good time and rhythm while you play.

The most popular brands of electric guitar include fender and Ibanez. The best models of fender stratocasters are made in the US custom shop while the best models of Ibanez are made in Japan. The type of electric guitar you buy will depend a great deal upon the kind of music you intend on playing.

If Fender telecaster for example is great for blues while something like an ESP guitar is more suited to rock and metal. Since the basic characteristic of an amplifier can be modelled and changed using guitar effects this is of lesser importance.

Finding A Good Electric Guitar Tone

One of the things most electric guitar players are obsessed with is tone. It's possible to spend years and years chasing the perfect tone and never really finding it. One of the things that separates great guitar players from a rich ones are the fact that very good electric guitarists can define their own sounds quite early and have a very good year for tone.

So just to summarise don't move into learning electric guitar too quickly and before you have really established all the fundamentals on acoustic. Playing guitar is all about paying your dues and earning the right to play music well. Musical expression does not come for free but is well worth all the time and effort it demands of you.