Basic Acoustic Guitar Playing From Scratch

Learning guitar is a wonderful experience but you DO have to work hard for it!

Unfortunately most people who try don't get very far and never get past being an ordinary beginners. They belive that it's a lack of talent holding them back however the actualy cause is something quite different. To get started, download this basic guitar chords pdf and then work your way through the rest of this website.

It's Your Inability To Practice Correctly!

It's wrong to assume that you need to rush off to take private guitar lessons as soon as you buy your first guitar. The truth is that you can learn most of the basic principles just teaching yourself from home using free lessons and information widely available on the Internet.

You do not need a guitar teacher to show you 10 beginner chords and if you simple strumming patterns for example, all of us can easily learn to do this on our own and save a lot of money.

Your first goal should be learning how to strum with a pick. You'll find lists of beginner songs including the chord progressions and lyrics in case you have a singing voice and would like to accompany yourself on guitar. If not then simply concentrate your full attention upon learning guitar and later on you can think about joining a band, getting a record deal and becoming super famous!

One of the most commonly asked questions is how long does it take to become good on guitar? The answer loosely depends on how much natural talent you have, the amount of time you spend practising and how well you practice.

It is there that I didn't really mention the word talent as it does not really come into it until you start getting into things like songwriting or new innovations in harmony and music theory.

Talent? No, It's Actually Very Mechanical...

At its most basic level learning to play guitar is actually quite mechanical (especially if you use things like Spanish guitar tabs to help you) which means that practically anyone can do it to a reasonable standard providing they put in the necessary work.

Learning to tune guitar is actually quite deceptively difficult. Yet it is obviously an essential skill otherwise everything you play will sound horrible the matter how good you become.

You can buy electronic guitar tuners which I would recommend since they give you a very visual guide on how far you are, either flat or sparp, from having each individual string in tune. Once you have each string tuned correctly you will be able to play Accord and hear that sounds perfectly in tune with no obvious string standing out in any way as being dissonant.

If you fine tuning your guitar difficult or that some chords sound good while others do not it may be an indication that you need to get your guitar checked by a professional. There are slight adjustments which can be done to fix even the cheapest of guitars so that they become suitable instruments to learn on.

At this point I would also advise against using any kind of software as it is important in the beginning stages that you focus very much on the fundamentals and upon establishing a solid foundation upon which you can build all the other techniques are going to have to learn.

You may find that you have a natural sense of rhythm or that this is something which you need to learn. Honestly it is quite difficult to learn rhythm if you do not have a natural feel for it. I have had a number of private guitar students that could not even tell when they were not strumming in time with a drum track and trying to teach them how to do this in a mechanical or theoretical way was quite difficult.

Nothing is impossible however and with perseverance, the right guitar teacher helping you and a great desire to succeed you will eventually overcome even the most stubborn of obstacles.

Finding Free Guitar Lessons

It is good to start out by trying a few free guitar lessons especially the ones you will find on you tube however at some point you need to make the switch into a guitar course or methods which is well-planned out giving you a step-by-step blueprint to follow.

You want to avoid having any gaps in your knowledge since this will later come back to haunt you when you start to play songs which are more technically demanding. You should approach your guitar practice seriously and with a determination to focus upon the problems you are experiencing. It can also help to interact on guitar forums where you will find plenty of encouragement and even consolation from other beginners who are also struggling to play some of the more challenging guitar techniques.

Finally a very good skill is to learn how to read guitar tablature since this will free you up and enable you to go away and teach yourself how to play different riffs and solos on guitar. Fortunately learning how to read guitar tab is a lot easier than learning how to read standard musical notation.